Savoury scone mix, dumpling mix, pastry mix, crumble mix, bread mixes, and a variety of batter mixes are among a range of products we can produce, with either standard off the shelf recipes available or we can develop a recipe specifically for you.

We can also offer a range of baking powders to suit your specific needs with recipes to control the speed of reaction and bag sizes to suit your own batch process where required.



With access to a wide range of speciality ingredient suppliers, we can develop the right products for you. 

Once we have started production for you, each batch produced is tested in accordance with an agreed Quality Attributes Sheet to ensure that we achieve long term product consistency. Furthermore, as seasonal variances occur with certain ingredients such as the arrival of a new crop season, we can ensure that any changes in characteristics can be identified and where required we can update the recipe to ensure that the performance of the finished product remains at the high quality we expect.



We are able to save significant time during the development process by using our experience and understanding of how variations in ingredients can make a significant impact on the end product. Such as partical sizes, protein and moisture levels and in what specific order they are blended together and how they are handled during the manufacturing process.

In conjunction with our packaging partners, we will advise and source the best solutions for packaging your products to maximise quality over shelf life, product protection through the supply chain and presentation to the end user.



With the demand of Free From foods increasing, we’re proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the UK currently producing Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Egg Free mixes. We are able to test the products we manufacture internally and measure the results against your products specification so you can trust your product is certainly free from. We also offer external testing service the option of having your products tested by a specialist testing laboratory with full accreditation.