We have long term experience in creating and producing delicious, sweet bakery mixes. We constantly review recipes as new ingredients become available to ensure that our mixes perform the best for you.

Sweet Mixes range from cake mixes, cookie mixes, brownies, scones, and seasonal specialties such as spicy muffin or Christmas cake mixes.



Once we have started production for you, each batch produced is tested in accordance with an agreed Quality Attributes Sheet to ensure that we achieve long term product consistency. Furthermore, as seasonal variances occur with certain ingredients such as the arrival of a new crop season, we can ensure that any changes in characteristics can be identified and where required we can update the recipe to ensure the finished product does not alter.



The relationships we build with our customers are very important to us, and we like to assist our customers wherever possible. Our dedicated new product development technologists are always working together with our customers developing new & innovative products as well as helping to improve the products we currently produce for them.