Our philosophy

At Romix Foods we aim to ensure you have peace of mind that the products you take from us are made to the highest standards. The ingredients we use and the processes we operate produce the finest products for you. Our experienced team understand the important role that each of them have in the process at Romix Foods and all take great pride in everything that we do.


We at Romix take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We support our people by sustaining a pleasant and stimulating working environment and providing personal development programs to our teams. Also, we contribute to our communities by offering surplus food to those in need and providing a safe, healthy environment. Sustaining our planet is very important to us, which is why we make use of recycled packaging materials and have set a target for zero waste to landfill by the end of 2019.



  • TRUST: Where Romix ‘become our customer’s factory’
  • CARING: Looking after one another with ‘Integrity’
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Simplicity & solutions focussed culture and ‘eliminate noise’
  • SECURITY: Developing ‘long term partnerships’
  • COMMUNICATION: Clear, open and regular ‘keeping everyone informed’

Our purpose is to be the UK blender of choice for customers, employees and suppliers.


Strategic Anchors:

Relationships – Service – Value

Our Passion:

Responsiveness & Efficiency

Brand Promise:

Service – Quality – Responsive

Romix foods today

Today, Romix Foods is run by Mick McGowan and Dan Ross at our factory in Leigh with a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable colleagues determined to offer a level of quality and service that will exceed your expectations.

Brief Overview

  • Purpose built factory for blending and packing food ingredients
  • Blending capability for a wide range of product types in a variety of specialist mixing machines with batch capacity from 150kg to 1.2T
  • Variety of Packing lines with infrastructure to add bespoke production lines to your specific needs
  • Current packing capability for 6g to 25Kg in various pack formats
  • Carton packing machinery suitable for multi component products
  • Gluten Free facility comprising of two dedicated mixers and packing lines
  • Kitchens for product testing and product development
  • BRC Grade AA site & technical and product development support
  • BRC AVM 12 AOECS Gluten-Free Accredited

Pack formats:

  • Plain or Printed Film
  • Plain or Printed Bags (Various sizes)
  • Pillow Packs
  • Tubs/Buckets
  • Pre-formed bags
  • Bulk FIBC’s

For more information regarding pack formats please visit our contract packing page, or contact us now.


 2013 – Present

Romix Foods was founded in 2013 when the factory that had been making bakery mixes since 1968 became available.

Victoria Foods was acquired by a larger food manufacturer and within 12 months the production was moved to another site by the new owners, leaving Mick and Dan with an ideal opportunity to bring many of the original well trained, skilled and motivated workforce back to the factory to create a fresh new and dynamic business. As well as bringing back some of the original staff they also decided to bring back the original business name; Romix Foods.

1982 – 2012

Victoria Foods was established by John Ross, supplying bakeries with premixes and baking powder. After a few years Dan joined the business and later Mick McGowan took over as Head of Operations. Over 30 years, the business developed in to the largest supplier of retail home baking mixes in the UK whilst maintaining it’s original customer base of bakeries and foodservice customers. 


1968 -1982

The original Romix Foods business was set up to focus on retail and industrial mixes for products such as Bread, Pastry, Sponge, Lemon Pie and Baking Powder. Soon after the business was bought by Nabisco Brands, production was moved to another site.