Our blending room was purpose built with automated oil discharge systems and sack tip handling to make it one of the most versatile, efficient, and controlled environments to ensure consistency and accuracy of the finished blend.

Ingredient control is central to what we do with specific focus on allergens; we can segregate for gluten free and have recipe bases available and technical support to offer gluten free mixes. Each batch of every blend we produce is tested on positive release to strict pre agreed Quality Attributes to ensure that every bag of product leaving site will perform as it is designed to perform in our customer’s factory, bakery or wherever else it ends up being used.

Inside of mixing vessel


Mixing technology

We have a number of different blending machines that allow us to mix from 300Kg* of product to over 1.2 tonnes, with a variety of mixer designs to suit ingredient profiles.
(*subject to MOQ depending on ingredients / recipe)

Our mixing technology means that we can blend a variety of particle sizes and material with different absorption qualities and moisture levels; we can incorporate vegetable shortening into mixes such as pastry or crumble through certain blending processes, or achieve homogeneous blend with a relatively high proportion of vegetable oils.

In addition, we have automated PLC controlled systems to ensure batch control is maintained and performance is consistent.


capacity for partnership

Our blending plant has annual capacity of around 20,000 tonnes, of which we have a proportion still available for new business partnerships.

We are able to blend as little as 150kg as a single one off batch, however our aim is to develop long term partnerships where we are relied upon to support our partner’s core activities by providing consistent pre-blended raw materials.



Our Product Development kitchens are fully equipped and run by experienced and creative technologists to ensure we can offer off the shelf recipes or design a unique recipe for your application. These internal resources are supported by long term partnerships with ingredient and packaging specialists who will support us in helping you find the right product that can be protected and maintained in optimum condition until it is further processed or consumed. Additionally we can arrange for bakery trials on your site to ensure performance on your plant is optimised.